High Valley Rentals

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High Valley offers rentals of space and day-use of the facilities. Also, a bedroom, possibly two.

The facilities include use of the grounds and the rooms in the former classroom building (a converted barn, complete with hand-hewn beams).

The classroom building includes a full bathroom and a small kitchen, as well as two fairly large rooms that we call The Gathering Room and the Inner Room. The kitchen is fully equipped with cooking utensils, plates and flatware, and the inner room has a striking view of the lake. However, both were built with short people in mind, since the barn dates back to about 1800.

Both large rooms have couches and chairs and the gathering room has a table near the kitchen. The rooms do not have cable or wi-fi. They are large enough to accomodate about 30 people, but no more than that except for something like our Wheel of the Year events, when people are moving in and out of the rooms.

We have a clean in-clean out policy, meaning that anyone who uses the space is expected to leave it as clean as it was when they arrived. There is a checklist for clean up posted on the inner door

The building is heated by a forced air propane furnace. Because fuel is ever more expensive, the building will be unavailable during most of the winter.

Reservations do not include overnight stays. There are no bedrooms in the classroom building, only couches, and High Valley is not licensed to allow camping on the property. There are motels in Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park and places in between, all within less than 20 miles; there are also some B&B's in the local area.

If you are interested in

High Valley rentals please click on the highlighted words above, which will direct you to the contact page.

When you fill out a contact form, I will recieve it by email within a day or so. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

Please note that some times will not be available because of already scheduled events or ongoing activities like the poetry group, or previously scheduled reservations.