Elizabeths Counseling Practice
at High Valley
Companion at the Crossroads

As some of you know, I recently moved to High Valley. My new number: 845 266-0004. I also have a new office. See photo below. Trained as an interfaith minister and counselor, I have been in private practice since 1998. Listed below are some of the areas in which I have extensive experience. My practice currently has openings. Please feel free to forward this page to anyone who might be interested or call for more information.

*Spiritual Direction *Reflection & Refueling *Creative Process *Decision-making *Bereavement *Couples & Family Counseling

Spiritual Direction: For those seeking to establish or deepen a spiritual practice within—or outside of— any faith tradition. Explore approaches to prayer, meditation, dreams, journeying. (Note: Oct 15th workshop: Off the Beaten Path: mapping your own spiritual journey). Reflect & Refuel: An occasional or monthly session can provide an opportunity to take a deep breath and get your bearings in the midst of a busy life.

Creative Process: If you are engaged in or want to begin a creative project, counseling can offer support, inspiration, and techniques for overcoming inner or outer obstacles.

Decision-making: If you are facing a major life choice—having a child, changing a career, beginning or leaving a relationship—counseling can clarify your discernment process.

Bereavement Counseling: For a death or any other loss.

Couples and Family Counseling: One of the most exciting and dynamic forms of counseling. Transform conflict into camaraderie, crisis into opportunity.

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Elizabeth's New Office

Elizabeth's Outdoor Office, or one of them.

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