Fall Color at High Valley

The fall colors at High Valley are a benediction before the snows of Winter. These pictures were taken by two of High Valley's longtime denizens: David Budd and Karen Holtslag.

This panoramic view is from the beach, toward the inlet. In October 08, this one by Karen Holtslag.

Here's a closer look at the inlet, again October 08, when all these pictures were taken, this one by David Budd.

To the left above is the same tree, and to the right a view of the lake inlet. The first picture by Karen, the second by David.

The picture to the left is a west-facing view of the lake by David. The picture on the right is in High Valley's back yard, behind the house, on the way to the barn where we hold many celebrations. The barn is to the left of the picture.

I should add that the fall color is somewhat reduced by the small sizes of the pictures reproduced here; the colors this year were spectacular. There may be more added, if people have them.

Below is a winter picture of the frozen lake. Except for the ice, the lake doesn't look that different from early November until the snow covers it, and in early spring, until blossoms and leaves sprout again.

The cover picture was taken by me in late April 2008 and the Grandmother Oak along the side panel was taken by David in Fall 2007. The oak is one of our hidden wonders.