High Valley For SALE

High Valley is for SALE

It's last event was in August 2013.

It is open ONLY to potential buyers (and sellers, of course) and the house sitter, who is in charge of staging and cleaning the premises.

For an extensive description of the land and buildings for sale, and for a link to the real estate broker, see the For Sale page, which loads beneath this opening page.

Thank you for all your interest in High Valley. It existed, in one form or another, from 1945 to 2013. We hope that whomever buys the property will be good stewards of the lands and buildings and will find wonderful uses for them.

When High Valley sells, this website will disappear.

High Valley For Sale
Announcement of High Valley for sale
Contact Me and Links
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High Valley's Calendar
Calendar of events at High Valley
Short History of High Valley
The history of High Valley begins when Olga and Julian bought the run-down farm in 1945.
Directions to High Valley
Directions for how to reach High Valley
Elizabeth Cunningham's Books
Elizabeth Cunningham's books are show-cased here, as well as some of her poems relevant to High Valley.
Elizabeths Counseling
Elizabeths counseling practice, as described by her.
Beltane Ritual
Beltane ritual traditions have something to do with the way we celebrate it at High Valley.
There is something about High Valley that is best described as feng-shui.
The Land of High Valley
The land doesn't belong to us as much as we belong to each other; this is an encomium of the land by Elizabeth Cunningham, and what it means to us.
Donations on the Membership page keep High Valley green.
Earth-centered Celebration
Earth-centered celebration marks the wheel of the year, and other significant events.
Gods and Goddesses
At High Valley we refer to gods and goddesses a lot; it's a way of thinking about the world around us.
Funeral Rituals
Funeral rituals vary widely, especially among pagans; Christians and others have more standardized practices..
Pictures of High Valley
Pictures of High Valley
The Labyrinth at High Valley
We built the labyrinth from a pencil sketch, using all local materials.
Fall Color at High Valley
Fall color at High Valley
High Valley Newsletter
High Valley Newsletter summarizes last year's events.
High Valley Community Forum
Occasional contributions submitted by members of the High Valley Community.
Occasional Notes
Occasional Notes added by members of the community from time to time